Host A Tea Party

Invite your friends for an evening of relaxation, tea and fun!

How does a day or evening full of fabulous teas, useful information, all shared with a group of friends and family sound to you?

We give you all the ingredients to throw a wonderful and fun party any time in the comfort of your own home. Our Independent Representatives will help guests explore teas of the world and help them find new favorites they never expected. Plus, our tea parties are a fun, exciting adventure for those who wish to learn more about the tastes and different health benefits that teas can provide.

What can an IdentiTeas host expect?

1. About two weeks before your party a representatives will meet with you and go through your Host Package. This personal service will ensure that you have a wonderful and fun experience as an IdentiTea Host.

2. Your representative will discuss what types of teas you want to serve at your party and tailor the presentation to your audience.

3. Your representative will keep in touch with you to answer all your questions and customize your party to fit your schedule.

4. The night of the party, your representative will assist with set up, help greet your guests, engage the audience in tea discussion, and most important let everyone taste our wonderful teas.

5. Your representative will write up the orders, collect payments and help you choose all of the free and discounted products you will earn as our very special IdentiTea Host.

6. You and your guests will be able to create custom blends for your friends and family right on the spot, that’s right no need to order from a catalog and wait for delivery.

7. Enjoy all the products you earned by simply opening up your home to friends, family and neighbors.

Host Awards Program

In addition to being able to put on an amazing and educational event for your friends and family our hosts are also compensated through free products and contributions to selected charities.

Retail Sales Free Products
$200 – 499.99 15% of Retail Sale
$500 – 999.99 20% of Retail Sale
Above $1000 25% of Retail Sale

Fundraising Events – In order to give back to the community host can also opt to take their rewards in the form of direct donations to charities of their choice.

Retail Sales Monetary Donation†
$200 – 499.99 15% of Retail Sale
$500 – 999.99 20% of Retail Sale
Above $1000 25% of Retail Sale

† donations to registered 501(c)(3) Charitable, Religious and Educational Organizations.

Host Referral – If attendees at you Tea Party subsequently host parties of their own you will be entitled to additional rewards.

Host Referrals‡ Free Product Credit
1 – 2 $15
3 or More $25

‡ Referred host party must have a minimum of $200 in sales to qualify.