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When you choose to start your own IdentiTeas practice, you are really choosing so much more. How often do you want to work? How much do you want to earn? Do you have fun while you work? Do you get to interact with wonderful customers that welcome you into their homes? What kind of JOB can you have that lets you choose your level of activity? The answer is not many.

We know that IdentiTeas is a great organization and we want to have the opportunity to share it with people that are equally committed. As a customer, host or a representative we hope that you join the IdentiTeas community today.

Income Opportunity

Do well while doing something you enjoy!

Engage in your community with fun and educational events and make money immediately with our lucrative career plan. You can earn up to 30% on retail sales. Our career plan offers you an unlimited earning potential with flexability to work with the confines of the other jobs and family responsibilities you may have.

As you see how exciting it is to build your own business, you’ll want to help others to do the same. As you empower others to create their own successful businesses, you’ll be rewarded beyond the personal satisfaction of a job well done!

This is not your garden-variety opportunity. When you choose to start your own IdentiTeas business, you’re creating your own destiny.